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  • Invest in our planet's future

    We help founders building climate ventures get funded and launch faster into market.


  • Invite a friend and you both will get 1000 coins. Invite a climate startup to get 5000 coins!
°C since preindustrial*
Ice sheets billion metric tons per year*
Carbon dioxide compared to 1750*
Climate funding gap to reach net-zero by 2030**

As a Founder

  • Connect with the right people

    Expand your network and engage with our community, find a co-founder if you are looking for one.

    Validate your idea

    Gather feedback from early adopters and define your go-to-market strategy, find what people really like.

    Raise capital

    Get funded faster by connecting with more than 1K climate investors on Dantia.

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As an Investor

  • Invest in climate founders globally

    Join a growing network of climate conscious investors (LPs, VCs, banks, angels and corporates) and build your portfolio.

Founders who applied to join Dantia attended:


As a Consumer

  • Dantia Consumers Thumbnail
    • Find climate positive companies

      Dantia covers all climate verticals, help our founders launch faster by validating and adopting their solutions.

      Join the global movement.

      Join us in our journey to save our precious planet.

    • Leverage our recommendations

      We take advantage of AI to provide you with personalized opportunities based on your preferences, risk appetite and day to day activities. Making the right decision has never been so easy.



    What is Dantia?

  • Dantia is an investment platform to help founders get the needed capital to build solutions to tackle climate change or decrease the negative effects associated with it. Besides capital, we connect founders with climate conscious advisors, early adopters and corporations.
  • Who can join Dantia?

  • Founders who want to establish a climate company with or without a team/idea right now. Consumers who are interested in tackling climate change and might invest in climate startups or be an early adopter of their solutions. Investors who invest in climate startups (Angels, VCs, PE, Family offices, etc…). Advisors who act as mentors/advisors to startups. Corporates that are interested in conducting pilots with climate startups and/or investing in these startups.
  • What is Dantia coin?

  • Dantia coin is the native coin for our ecosystem, it’s the only coin you need to save our planet. We use climate conscious technology for our native coin, you can use this coin to invest in climate companies, donate to organizations, send to a friend, get rewards for using our platform and so many more use cases. The value of Dantia coin will be determined by many factors such as the number of consumers and organizations that will adopt it in the near future.
  • Why Dantia and why now?

  • Dantia is our hope for a better future to our lovely blue planet. We should act now if we want to protect ourselves and our planet in the next 10 to 15 years from now.
  • I’m very interested in Dantia’s mission. What should I do?

  • You can sign up, select a profile and join us in our journey. Also you can share our platform with your friends and family, we are continuously asking for your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Do you want to save the planet?

* https://climate.nasa.gov/
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